Forms and Registration
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Prospective Pastor Questionnaire Document

Ministry Prep
USA Canada Region Validated Course of Study Curriculum
USA Canada Sourcebook on Ordination
Guide To Ministerial Preparation and Ordination
Ministry Course of Study Suggested Sequence
Ordination/Recognition Questionnaire
Church Board Recommendation for District License
Renewal Procedures for Administering a Local License
Church Board Renewal Interview Guidelines
Credential Verification Form
Procedures for Administering a Local License
Church Board Interview Guidelines
Local Ministers License Application
Local Minister's License Renewal Application
District Ministers License Application

Preteen Retreat Volunteer Guide 2023
Preteen Retreat Packing List 2023
2023 Women's Retreat Registration Packet
Preteen Retreat Minor Release
Preteen Retreat Adult Release

NMI Application for Missions Assistance
NMI Work and Witness Scholarship App