NMI Missions

The purpose of Nazarene Missions International is to support and facilitate the mission of the Church of the Nazarene in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord to “Go into all the world” through Prayer, Education, Giving, and Engaging the younger generation.

Each month we emphasize different aspects of the ministry of Nazarene Missions International.  By clicking here you can link to our Praying, Giving and Educating calendars. Engaging the next generation is an ongoing effort throughout the year.

For more information concerning the work of Nazarene Missions International you can go to the NMI website at nmi.nazarene.org. We would love to get in contact with you! If you have any questions or would like to reach us, please get in touch with one of our executive council members listed below.

Charlotte Hall 
NMI President


Diana Beaty
NMI Vice President


Denise Lake
NMI Secretary


Phyllis Petry
NMI Treasurer